Couples Wills: Explained

Why the Will-making process for married or de facto couples doesn’t have to be twice the work (or price!).

Mirroring or Mirror Wills are a perfect fit for couples in long-term relationships, and they are exactly as their name suggests.

Essentially, Mirror Wills are two individual Wills that mirror each other; or in technical legal terms, ‘same-same-but-different.’

They are designed for:

  • Couples who are in married or de facto relationships;

  • Have only minor differences across their Wills (e.g. different executors, preferences)

While each person gets their own individual Will, the team at WillPro acknowledge the fact that many couples have mutual interests, be it financial (e.g. assets) or personal (e.g. children, pets, celebration of life preferences), and that given these shared interests, there aren’t any significant changes between the two Mirrored Wills in the end. That’s why we’ve made the second Will in a couples’ Mirror Wills Package half the price!

An example of a Mirror Will in action:

  • Jules & Alex are married and getting their Wills done (great job);

  • They do not own a house, but they have two cats, Mixi & Moxi;

  • Jules wants to put Alex down as her primary Executor (authorised person for her Estate), & mother, Jenni, as her Alternate Executor;

  • Alex wants to do the same by listing Jules as primary Executor. However, Alex’s wants their Alternate Executor to be their sister, Diana;

  • Both partners want the other to inherit their Estate should they die before each other;

  • Alex & Jules have decided to nominate Jenni as the primary Guardian of Mixi and Diana as the primary Guardian of Moxi (should they both pass away);

  • Jules wants to gift her vinyl record collection to her nephew, Ashley.

  • Alex wants to pass on family heirlooms as specific gifts to Diana;

  • Jules wants to be cremated and have her ashes scattered at sea;

  • Alex would prefer to be laid to rest.

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