Where do I store my Will?

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a number of customers ask whether we store their signed Wills for them. At WillPro, we don’t hold onto your signed copies of your Wills - but there are a bunch of alternative options out there for where they can be stored.

While the rules are slightly different in each Australian State/Territory, the overriding principle is that as long as you and your executor/s know where the signed Will is stored, you can keep it in any safe place within your house. There is no legal requirement to keep your Will at a law firm, although many law firms (who all have fireproof safes) offer this service free of charge. It’s really up to you and your preferences.

So where to from here?

Here’s what we recommend:

a) If you have a fireproof safe in your house this is the perfect place to store your Will. Just make sure your executor is aware of its location, and the code for the safe.

b) A filing cabinet or lockable drawer in your home is also a good place to store your Will.

c) You can enquire with your local law firm, bank, insurance company or accountant about their storing options for Wills - while some locations may require you to pay a small annual fee, this service is typically free of charge - so it pays to shop around.

We also recommend keeping digital copies of your signed Will for ease of reference.

Above all else, it is incredibly important that you inform at least one of your nominated Executors of the whereabouts of your Will.