Why we avoid doing our Will

We all avoid the uncomfortable things in life, whether it's having that conversation, setting hard boundaries with that coworker, or responding to that message. Procrastination is part of being human, right?

When it comes to Wills, a staggering 9.9 million Australians still don't have one in place. And given that every Australian adult needs to have one in place, it simply begs the question: why doesn't every Aussie have one?

In our experience, people have a whole range of reasons (some valid, some not-so-valid...) as to why they haven't got around to making their Wills yet - but in particular, we've spotted three common themes that keep popping up. And frankly, they make a whole lot of sense.


Making a Will just seems like a lot, and that's because, traditionally, it is! The usual process of doing a Standard Will in a law firm generally looks like this:

  1. Make an appointment with a local law firm;

  2. Attend said appointment;

  3. Give instructions to the solicitor;

  4. Go home;

  5. Wait for the solicitor to email you a copy of your draft Will or call you back to the office;

  6. Review and request changes to be made;

  7. Make another appointment at the law firm;

  8. Attend the appointment and sign the Will in the presence of two people (usually your solicitor and the legal secretary);

  9. Pay anywhere between $400 - $1000.


Throughout our combined experiences working in law firms, we saw this routine play out time and time again. 

Rinse and repeat.

It could just be the impatient millennial in us, but NINE steps for just one simple document seems like far too many. And when you factor in extra costs like time off work, driving back and forth, and just the general inconvenience of the process, it's no wonder so many of us give Will-making the flick. 


This one is a biggie. After all, WillPro was founded on the fact that so many Australians were paying way too much for a standardised legal document.

A Standard Will covers the everyday Australian's future-planning needs. Currently, the average Standard Will can set you back anywhere from $400 (plus GST) to upwards of thousands of dollars. 

Now we don't know about you, but most of us don't typically have $500 just hanging around with nowhere to go. And if we did, the last thing we'd want to spend it on is a document that only comes into effect when we die.

We rest our case.


One of the main reasons why we're so passionate about educating and raising awareness on the topic of Wills at WillPro is that there are so many misconceptions in this space!

A common misconception is that visiting a solicitor for legal advice is required to ensure your Will is valid. While some more complex circumstances will require specialised legal advice from a solicitor (e.g. Testamentary Trust or Generational Wills), a Standard Will containing your express wishes and intentions does not require this in order to be valid. Courts have even found napkins to be valid evidence of a person's Will, but more on that later...

Our lawyers at WillPro do not provide legal advice, but what they do bring to the table are insane levels of attention-to-detail and years of experience in drafting and writing Wills for people from all walks of life. And if they feel your particular circumstances may require legal advice, they'll be the first to let you know and point you in the right direction.

Changing the Game

At WillPro, we're focused on servicing the majority of everyday Australians who simply require a Standard Will. And we don't think something so standard (see: basic) should be so extra.

That's why we've switched it up.

At WillPro, you get the same Standard Will you'd expect at any regular law firm, just for way cheaper ($99) and without having to leave the couch.


  1. Order your Will online;

  2. Submit your personalised Will instructions form to our team of lawyers. (Your Will should arrive in your inbox within 1-2 business days).

  3. Using our customised Will-Signing Guide, print out and sign your Will with two independent witnesses present. Then it's yours for the keeping!

And the catch? 

There is none. 

We just think you have better things to do with your time and money, like falling down a Youtube rabbit hole or buying that suggested item from Wish...

So why not let your Will be done...by us? 

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